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Producer of agricultural machinery

Agricultural bulks trailers, manure spreaders, slurry tanks


We are a company that wants to make farmers’ lives easier. We offer equipment that supports farmers in their daily work so that they can take care of their farms faster and more efficiently.

Jastech is a rapidly growing enterprise that specialises in the production and sale of agricultural machinery.

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Innovatively and diligently

We are not afraid to look into the future and use new, improved solutions. All machines are manufactured using modern technology. Our objective is to effectively assist farmers, therefore we provide professional technical support as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

In addition, we provide transportation of machines throughout the country. We invite you to contact us. We will be happy to help you get acquainted with our offer.

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Our strengths

Jastech przyczepy objętościowe, rozrzutniki, przyczepy rolnicze, wozy asenizacyjne

Guarantee of quality

Our machines were designed with the farmer in mind and meet all his expectations


Durable and top-quality agricultural machinery


We offer support and spare parts


Design and execution for individual orders

Our Products

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Agricultural bulk trailers

Our bulk trailer is used to transport chopped straw and corn. The device will perfectly meet the needs of both small and large farms and industry.

Mega 140Mega 160

Rozrzutnik obornika 16t

Manure spreader

Manure spreaders MEGA 140 and Mega 160 from Jastech is a products for those farmers who appreciate versatile machines that stand out for their flexibility and versatility.

Mega 140Mega 160

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Agricultural trailer

Given the frequent problems with droughts and floods and the increasing international competition, farmers are increasingly looking for ways to improve work on their farms.

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Slurry tank

Our slurry tanker will allow you to efficiently fertilise the field with liquid natural fertilisers. It is a good choice if you value equipment that can be adjusted to suit you.

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Production steps

Projektowanie przyczepy objętościowej

Projektowanie i konstruowanie

Our engineers in the field of agricultural machinery engineering made machine designs taking into account the most modern design and mechanical solutions.

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The highest quality and careful workmanship of steel elements, followed by electroplating make our machines reliable and durable.



A qualified and experienced team of technicians with professional and reliable knowledge, based on many years of practice.

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Quality and safety control before the machine leaves the customer.

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