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Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 33

Our bulk trailer is used to transport chopped straw and corn. The device will perfectly meet the needs of both small and large farms and industry.

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Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 160

The trailer has a load capacity of 16 to 20 tons. The possibility of loading large quantities of chopped straw or corn ensures high efficiency of work.

The materials used in the construction of the agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 160 provide durability and robustness, so you can work without worrying about the load being carried or the condition of the trailer.

Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 33

You will achieve more, in an easier way

While designing our bulk trailer we took care not only of its durability. We know that the efficiency of the work performed is influenced by ergonomics, so we offer you equipment which, in addition to having excellent parameters, is easy and convenient to use.

You adjust, you adapt

The agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 160 has facilities such as:

• tilting side boards,
• adjustment of wall feed rate
• hydraulically suspended drawbar,
• two-stage full unloading system,
• possibility to dose the load,
• rear torsion axle,
• single load box.

The hydraulic brake system makes it significantly easier to operate the vehicle. An additional advantage is the design of the trailer’s construction in such a way that it allows for stable and smooth operation in any terrain.

Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 33

In all conditions

You don’t have to worry about the topography anymore – with our trailer you can cope on uneven ground, still working in comfortable conditions.

Work the way you want to, without unpleasant surprises and worries about loading. Invest in a stable, robust bulk trailer MEGA from Jastech and increase your work efficiency.

Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 33


Technical parameters of the Mega 160 volumetric trailer

  • load capacity from 16 to 20 tons
    depending on the equipment
  • curb weight 7600 kg
  • box capacity 32 m
  • box length 7200mm
  • box width 2375 mm
  • box height 2000 mm
  • tires 600/50 / 22.5 /, individual approach
    (standard or individual approach)

Wyposażenie podsatwowe

Basic equipment of the Mega 160 volumetric trailer

  • pneumatic or hydraulic braking system
  • rear steering axle
  • possibility of upper and lower hitch
  • drawbar amortized and hydraulically leveled
  • shell chest
  • spreading adapter: vertical, 2-roller, worm, removable
  • suitable for spreading lime
  • hydraulic wall and floor feed
  • ladder allowing safe observation of the loading process
  • tandem running gear
  • lighting of the load box and work area
  • wide angle articulated telescopic shaft
  • control panel for the tractor cab
  • additional lighting of the load box and work area



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