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Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 27

Our bulk trailer MEGA 140 has a capacity of up to 14 tons (depending on equipment 9-14 tons). This is a trailer which is:

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Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 140

Our bulk trailer MEGA 140 has a capacity of up to 14 tons (depending on equipment 9-14 tons). This is a trailer which is:

  • economical in its operation,
  • roomy
  • durable.

Our trailer is very comfortable in operation. Numerous facilitations make work more pleasant and less tiring. Hydraulically suspended drawbar, rear torsion axle or load box lighting are practical accessories and functionalities that make operating the trailer extremely simplified.

Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 27

For any terrain

An important advantage of our agricultural trailer is its readiness to work in almost all conditions. Our bulk trailer MEGA 140 has been designed to work steadily and smoothly on any terrain. Unevenness will no longer give you a headache – now work will be non-strenous and pleasant.

For Years

Our bulk trailers are modern equipment that meets the expectations of modern farmers. In Jastech we use only proven solutions and new technologies that allow for more efficient and less strenuous work. We talk to farmers, so we know their real needs and worries.

We are not afraid to look for new answers to existing problems, but at the same time we make sure that our equipment is durable and solid. That is why our trailer uses mechanisms which we have tested and evaluated as very good.

We care about good customer relations, so we will be happy to answer any questions about our trailer. If necessary, we are able to change the equipment, enhancing it with additional, matching elements. We invite you to contact us and discuss the details.

Agricultural bulk trailer MEGA 27


technical parameters

  • curb weight 7100
  • technical load capacity of 14 tons
  • box capacity 28 m
  • box length 6300 mm
  • box height 2000 mm
  • box width 2370 mm
  • tires 600/50 / 22.5 710/45 / 22.5

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