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Financing for farmers

All farmers conducting business activity, as well as companies providing services related to the agricultural sector, can take advantage of leasing agricultural machinery and equipment. It is an attractive and increasingly popular form of flexible financing of machinery park.

Machinery leasing – why is it worth?

Leasing of agricultural machinery and equipment is a form of investment financing, which is not accidently gaining in popularity. The development of an agricultural holding requires huge financial outlays, and not all farmers and entrepreneurs can afford a one-time, multi-thousandth expenditure on the purchase of necessary machinery. On the other hand, lack of investment means lagging behind the competition.

The way out of this situation is just leasing. Why not a loan? Loans involve complicated formalities and long procedures to verify the financial situation.

Our response to this problem is multidimensional and comprehensive financing for agriculture through, among others, Santander Bank.

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Take it easy. We’ll take care of the paperwork for you

We prepare full documentation and the bank’s advisors will prepare an offer for financing the facility for applications for agricultural restructuring and modernisation agencies. The entrepreneur is relieved of maximum burden – he does not have to deal with tedious formalities and “paperwork”.

Do you want to know more? Contact us and we will help you understand how it works.

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